Béatrice Garoche on badass breathing tips to express your voice

I was at a recent networking event when the lady I was speaking with told me about her daily runs through the park.

Those of you that know me will not be surprised to hear that this prompted my usual:

"I SO wish I could run.' response. Followed by, 'I see runners every day and soooo wish that was me."  

For those of you that don't, I harp on about running far more than I do anything about it. Like many before her a bemused look enveloped her face and her eyes slowly lowered towards my feet to confirm to herself that I did indeed, own a perfectly normal pair of pins. To preserve her sanity, I quickly explained to her about my huge number of start and stop attempts to get running.   

(cont'd below)

In any case, the reason I was floored was that she told me that she runs to meditate. Yep mediate. Now when it comes to meditation my brain jumps to the stereotype and I think of a buddha, candles, quiet space and if we're going to jazz things up a bit, perhaps a little whoo whoo music. Not what I was imagining now which was the pounding of one's feet on tough grey concrete while snorting bucket loads of exhaust fumes.

"I meditate through my breathing when I run." She continued.

 "No way!!!???" I bellowed. My reaction was as though she had just told she had invented some life-changing drug.

"How darn awesome is that?" I waffled on. "You know, this breathing lark is just amazing. I'm a Coach and when teaching my clients public speaking, IT IS ALL IN THE BREATH! They need to learn to breathe! In fact, the breath is at the core of many of the techniques that I use to really be compelling that is." 

"No wayyyy!!!???" Now it was her turn to sound as though I was on the short list for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Yes, way. My lovely, it's all in the breath."

Check out my vid with the awesome Béatrice Garoche, a breathing coach from Free Your Breath and if by the end of the video if you are not breathing like a baby brunch is on me.

Let me know your thoughts.


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