The Unleash Your Inner Badass Subscription Box

The Unleash Your Inner Badass Subscription Box

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Get all the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost.


Regardless of your gender, race, age, ability, sexual orientation or religion you have your own unique fingerprint, feelings, and desires. However, studies show that the negative stereotypes around these characteristics impact your state of mind and subsequently your actions and outcomes. We use a holistic approach and a three-step process for you to ditch the script around these hard-wired negative beliefs, to write your own story and to be more badass f****** confident! 

Each box is equipped with goodies to cover our three-step process to change. 

Step one - Step off the hamster wheel:

Lush goodies that'll help you to slow down thinking, stop running on autopilot, to manage your emotions during the transformation and unplug from the negative messages in your mind that tell you that you're not enough

step off the hamster wheel

Step two -  Ditch the script

Items and online tutorials that will empower you to erase the negative and disempowering hard-wired limiting beliefs around your gender and or intersectional identity. These will be replaced with your OWN story.

delete the script

Step 3 - Become more freakin badass confident

Goodies, tools, challenges, and online-tutorials to hurl the heavy coat of perfection off your shoulders, stop giving a f*** about what people think, to speak up and speak out, and to unapologetically bring to the table your authentic voice for a more creative, joyful and energetic you.

unleash your inner badass

Boxes are despatched on 20th of the month and contain:

  • At least 5-6 handpicked items to ditch the script, write your own story and become more badass freakin confident. Products include items such as journals, decision making guides, natural smellies, personal care items, organic treats, tea, music, candles, DVD's, access to online tutorials and more

  • A monthly one hour group Q&A online session with The Badass Gal 

  • Access to online tutorials and feedback

  • Access to Unleash Your Inner Badass private facebook community for support from women on the same journey as you

  • Discounts to workshops and events 

  • Exclusive interviews with industry experts

    The Unleash Your Inner Badass boxes are designed to:

    • Provide all the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost.
    • Find and express your voice, and bring your unique perspective to everything you do.
    • Challenge anxiety about fitting in and to communicate with confidence who you authentically are.
    • Replace limiting beliefs about your gender and or intersectional identity
    • Provide compelling communication skills to engage and be heard compellingly
    • Open up opportunities for promotion.
    • Develop a growth mindset to reach your full potential despite the stereotypes, unconscious biases, and our fixed mindset culture
    • Define who you are and what you stand for.
    • Develop supporting healthy relationships


    Are you ready to become more badass f****** confident? Great, buy now.