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Mindful ways and a holistic approach to develop authentic and charismatic communication and public speaking skills to motivate, inspire and spark creativity. 

As stated by Deloitte, the top down hero leader is no more. It is replaced by leaders who can motivate and inspire their teams to express their authentic voices to reach new levels of creativity and innovation. Ingrid Marsh provides 1-2-1, corporate and through her charm school, transformational and immersive weekend retreats to discover and express your authentic voice compellingly. Using mindfulness techniques together with her skills in Personal Development, Broadcasting, Growth Mindset and as a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Ingrid will equip you with tools to discover your innate, unique voice and coach you on how to express it compellingly.  Please see the video of a graduate below. No one else has the courage to show you the outcome of someone they have coached.

Ingrid Marsh the Charm School

My Story

"I found school incredibly dull. Nonetheless, before I learned the art of forgiveness, I wanted to be a news reader to make my father regret not wanting to know me. However, I had a rude awakening when I discovered that I didn't have sufficient qualifications to do so. This was the case for many of the other roles I hankered for. And so I worked on me; to make me as great as possible, because put simply, me was all I had. Failing in life simply wasn't an option. I dedicated my life to learning and practising the art of being memorable. In the end, I would often overhear my mother telling her friends that due to my personality, I was able to secure high-flying jobs even greater than those with significantly more qualifications than me. It's the skills I taught myself, those learned in broadcasting, as an NLP practitioner and  through my passion for psychology that I share with you so that you can be memorable too."

Ingrid Marsh, your Charisma Leadership Coach. 

The problem:

Leaders leveraging the new diversity frontier, diversity of thought, are expected to be able to motivate and inspire their teams. However, as it is not possible to outdo your mind. The negative beliefs you hold about yourself and others that are running a gauntlet through your mind impact your energy and your actions. They manifest themselves in your body language and speech sabotaging your efforts and making you not particularly inspiring at all. All your wonderful ideas flop and you'll feel utterly deflated. While we encourage 'speaking up' so that your voice is heard and acted on and being more visible through the art of public speaking, without proper training and practise, doing so will damage, rather than enhance your personal brand, your company's brand as well as damage your reputation. 

The solution:

We use mindfulness techniques and a holistic approach to interrupt the negative thought patterns preventing you from expressing yourself compellingly. Mindful ways are also used to embody the other main traits of a charismatic leader, such as remaining calm under pressure, being empathetic and a good listener. This is alongside authentic body language skills, storytelling techniques and tools used in broadcasting to speak in a way that engages, inspires and make you unforgettable for all the right reasons. You will be equipped with tools to remove the heavy weight of perfection off your shoulders, to step into your power and exude your authentic, natural energy. That's charisma. 

Who is it for:

Do you see people being their wonderfully, natural, authentic selves in meetings and on stage and wish that could be you? They have a presence, radiate a mesmerising energy, have passion and are simply unforgettable for all the right reasons? You find that to ease your frustration you convince yourself they were simply born that way? Then this is for you.

Process and testimonial of the leadership and authentic charisma coaching

 Andrea Post Training:

This is Andrea immediately after her coaching sessions. You'll need to imagine she has a slide presentation behind her. With even more practice she is now ten times better and speaks at events across Europe! We are yet to discover another organisation who are transparent enough to show the outcome of a client immediately after coaching. 

See your trainer, Ingrid Marsh, in action during a corporate video of a previous company she owned.


Charm School: The transformational and immersive weekend retreat to learn the art of charisma and authentic leadership with Ingrid Marsh and industry experts.

Jan 13th 2018. Installment plans available. Contact us now to arrange an interview to check the programme is the right fit for you.  Please do not delay to avoid disappointment.

£2,995 including food (plus accommodation - room prices vary from between £200-£350) includes:

  • Small group coaching with a maximum of 11 to develop authentic charisma and leadership skills to motivate, inspire and ignite creativity. There will also be videos made by Ingrid to watch before the programme. These are designed to accelerate the process.
  • Mindfulness sessions designed to interrupt the negative thought patterns impacting the way you express yourself. 
  • Life coaching sessions to help discover your voice
  • 3 x 1-2-1 sessions via skype post weekend
charm school

    charm school

    charm school

    charm school

    charm school

      Intensive 1-2-1 full personal impact coaching programme with Ingrid Marsh

      £3,250 includes:

      • 6 x 1 hour face-to-face or skype training. There will also be videos made by Ingrid to watch before and during coaching. These are designed to accelerate the process.
      • Comprehensive video reviews of training sessions
      • Mindfulness sessions charged additionally depending on number of sessions prescribed. These are designed to interrupt the negative thought patterns impacting the way you express yourself. 

      Please allow for extensive practice sessions to reprogramme your brain with the new learnings. An interview is required beforehand so that we can ensure the right fit and commitment to the programme. Results are guaranteed. You will be entitled to a no quibble refund if you have put in the allocated practice and are not happy with your outcome in any way. 

      Intensive 1-2-1 video training programme with Ingrid Marsh (See Ingrid in action above):

      £375 per hour (usually requires 6 hours). Please allow for extensive practice and reviews in between sessions.  An interview is required beforehand so that we can ensure the right fit and commitment to the programme. For an additional fee, we can arrange to film and edit your video from conception through to the final product. Please contact us for further information.

      Group Personal Impact Coaching for Organisations

      £6, 800. A two-day programme in light, contemporary surroundings for up to 10 delegates. Includes mindfulness techniques to interrupt negative thought patterns and a separate tutor for the personal impact coaching. This is alongside a luscious Ottolenghi style lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day.

      Training facilities

       Are you ready to rock charisma and develop communication skills that motivate and inspire others?  Contact us