Where we...

  • Seek happiness FIRST through running freely in a park as it leads to a freer mind to reach our goals and healthier eating habits.
  • Can celebrate our uniqueness and be more of who we are and less of who we think we should be
  • Are our authentic selves in schools, at work and in life
  • Are aware that the only thing that cannot be copied is ourselves 
  • Are not influenced by advertising that are steeped stereotypes 
  • Are not playing small
  • Step into our greatness and turn up the light inside ourselves that has been dimmed through years of being told to 'fit it.' 
  • Realise that the perfection, is in fact, in the imperfection
  • Define our own normal and dance to the rhythm of our own drum
  • Do not judge ourselves or others by their gender, race, social class, age, religion, ability, sexuality, but rather, as said by Martin Luther King, by the content of their hearts
  • Celebrate our differences that together make a whole

Ingrid Marsh - Founder