Mindful and Inclusive Leadership Programmes and Team Building Events

The Reboot Retreat Mood Board

The signals point to inclusion as the new paradigm, and the inclusive leader as someone who seeks out diverse perspectives to ensure that insights are profound and decisions robust

- Deloitte

Reboot - Training the mind for inclusive and collaborative teams who are able to express their unique perspectives to unleash creativity. A more long-lasting way to develop deeper relationships, increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

The Problem

Studies illustrate that sixty percent of employees are covering up who they are while at work, conventional unconscious bias training is not as effective as it could or should be and despite the millions spent on the diversity and inclusion revolution, change has remained elusive. The workplace it seems, in line with recent engagement figures, is not always a happy place to be.

 It's time to press the REBOOT button!

What we do

Our mindfulness advanced team building and leadership programmes support organisations to leverage diversity of thought, unleash creativity and to achieve a competitive advantage. We do this through using an array of mindfulness techniques to minimise the uncomfortable feelings associated with conventional unconscious bias training, for participants to test their decisions for bias and to extend their inclusion net. Paricipants are guided to pause, step out from conditioned behaviours and create space for everyone's voices to be heard for robust and creative decision making. Through a mind-blowing talk, teams are also empowered to collaborate inclusively and to eliminate groupthink, cited as being the responsible factor behind the collapse of UK bank, Northern Rock. Finally, participants are equipped with voice skills to articulate their ideas and perspectives compellingly in order to motivate and inspire others.

These sessions also help organisations to protect their reputation through reducing the risk of employees transferring their unconscious biases into their work, such as in artificial intelligence.  Available as either a taster in-house workshop, team building event or away day, our two-day programme is followed up by monthly team sessions to ensure learning is embedded. Participants emerge feeling more confident, curious and creative with a renewed enthusiasm for their work. 

Team Benefits

  • Inclusive collaboration
  • Mitigate unconscious bias
  • Mitigate confirmation bias
  • Eliminate groupthink
  • Wellbeing
  • Form deeper new meaningful relationships
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Energised
  • Self awareness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Empathy

Contact us today for a taster of our mindful approach to creating an inclusive collaborative culture, increasing employee engagement and boosting productivity.

The Reboot Retreat Communal area

The Reboot Retreats chill out zone is also used for some of our activities

How it works

The mindfulness advanced team building away day comprises of two areas:

  • Meditative experiences
  • Core programme

Meditative experiences 

You will have a selection of meditative experiences to choose from with qualified practitioners such as mindfulness meditation, yoga by candlelight, journaling, urban sketching, breathing classes, drumming circles, urban pottery, connect to the heart of a horse and more. These experiences help to deal with the uncomfortable aspect of tacking unconscious bias.

The Freedom Fire is where we place all the stereotypes and negative beliefs we hold about ourselves and others in order to improve our self-esteem, help others to flourish and create a better world.

The Freedom Fire is where you'll get rid of all the stereotypes and negative beliefs you hold about yourself and others in order to improve your self-esteem and provide you with the confidence to discover and express your authentic voice.

Group meditation and yoga room

The Yoga Sisters

The Yoga sisters at The Reboot Retreat mindful team building and away days

 Core Programme:

Our core programme, through workshops and inspirational talks, equip delegates with tools to create an inclusive culture; become self-aware, develop emotional intelligence, build resilience through growth mindset training and communicate across cultures. This is alongside tools to make a personal impact, motivate and inspire others.

Talks on Growth Mindset and communication skills

Personal Development Sessions

Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach

Growth mindset training

Growth mindset training to build resilience

Inspirational Talks

Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach and Diversity Trainer

The Personal Development Coach and Diversity Trainer, Ingrid Marsh has been described by Google Campus as a fantastic public speaker. Her talk will empower teams to collaborate inclusively, build resilience and express their authentic self fully. 

Food and Drinks 

Nowhere is the interdependence of our physical, mental, emotional and environmental health better demonstrated than in our food. We aim to nourish on all of these levels, to the highest standards, from the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the family-style kitchen at the heart of the retreat and also where we host our workshops. At the retreat, everything is hand made from organic whole ingredients, mostly sourced within 20 miles of the centre from small scale, artisan growers and producers. We always use cold-pressed oils (or unrefined high smoke-point oils for cooking), Unrefined sea salt only and a 100% sugar free kitchen

The reboot workplace luunch

Accommodation for two-day events

Luxury Dorm


Mindfulness team building event at The Reboot RetreatGroup dining area the reboot retreat

 The Reboot Toolkit

Corporate retreats reboot toolkit

Each member is provided with the Reboot Toolkit with tangible products to support the activities during the retreat and acts as a bias interrupter thereafter.  

Contact us now for further details on our workshops and retreats. 

*Study suggests mindfulness minimises unconscious bias