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Ingrid Marsh Motivational speaker, female empowerment coach, transformational coach

Ingrid Marsh is a motivational speaker, communications coach, growth mindset guru and a broadcaster. Dubbed the Oprah for this generation, she is revolutionising the way we tackle women's confidence and influence. Her talks address stereotype threat and our unconscious biases with their silent and slow erosion of women's self-esteem, communication skills and reaching their full potential. While being a whole load of fun, her talks have been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence, healthy habits, and talent actually grows. Ingrid has empowered hundreds of women to ditch their unconscious limiting beliefs, to express their individuality, talk to large crowds compellingly, as well as achieve extraordinary success in both their professional and personal lives.

Her Story

Ingrid Marsh, aka, The Badass Gal always refused to define herself by a stereotype. All except for one area. She was a child of a single parent. Her father didn't want to know her and for that label she deemed herself incomplete. She went into broadcasting in the hope that he would see her name one day and squirm with regret. She has achieved extraordinary success as an entrepreneur with a series of successful businesses and working in Account Management serving many of the large banks, such a Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Her quest, however, brought her to her knees. It took forty years for her to say, enough was enough. She unleashed her inner badass and decided she was complete just the way she jolly well was. She took her skills, nonetheless, to empower other women to become compelling communicators too. For them to recognise the perfection, is actually in the imperfection.and that with self belief and repetition of key skills, nothing was in fact beyond them. 

As a single parent. She moved her son mid-secondary from a school with a fixed mindset culture and limited expectations of him. Despite an impeccable behavioural record and leaving his primary school with straight five's in his SAT's, they refused him the opportunity to do treble science in his GCSE's. In the new school with a growth mindset culture, among a string of A's and A*'s, he did the treble science and achieved an A* in Physics, A* in Biology and an A* in Chemistry.

At age 50, she was physically unfit which began to erode her mental wellbeing. She also had pains in her back and hips, arthritis in her knee and high blood pressure. Getting healthy was her toughest battle of all, however. Her mindset kept holding her back, until the day she unleashed her inner badass once more. Through the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, she made the seemingly impossible, possible and is no longer on blood pressure tablets, checked out of physio and runs every other day to get fit and meditate.

The problem

Every day we unconsciously enter environments that suck our creativity, erode our self-esteem and prevent us from reaching our full potential. Environments such as those with a fixed mindset culture and where unconscious biases are allowed to thrive. Indeed, research shows unconscious biases and fixed mindset cultures not only impact your wellbeing and creativity but also become self-fulfilling prophecies that prevent women from reaching their full potential. The situation is compounded further for fear of eliciting what is known as stereotype threat. This is where women and those from minority groups are reluctant to try anything new for fear of confirming the stereotype of their social group.

About Ingrid's Talks

Ingrid's talks are more like experiences that take audiences on a mind-blowing journey. Customised to meet your goals, they include bespoke slides and fun, whole audience participation to demonstrate key points. Her talks especially empower women and those from minority groups to not to see themselves stereotypically, but rather, to bring their whole selves to work, express themselves fully and unleash creativity.  


Ingrid Marsh is a Confidence and Communications Coach, a Growth Mindset Trainer, an NLP Practitioner and a Saturday School Teacher. Plus, through her work on raising awareness of the unconscious gender and racial bias prevalent in Artificial Intelligence, she is a member of the IEEE Global AI Ethics Outreach Committee. 

Scientific research, such as that from Dr. Carol Dweck, highlights that ability is not solely a result of genetics but is learned. Her own work has been developed and tested from working with children at a Saturday school and teaching communication and public speaking skills to adults. It proved that learnable techniques and environment make the difference and not DNA. To prove the theory further, in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed the beast from the east, she vlogged her transformation from a couch potato to a runner in the park in 30 consecutive days in the rain and killer snow. With boxed cornrows and big looped earrings, the running community looks nothing like she does. The transformation was not only to get fit but to demonstrate that outward characteristics do not determine ability.

Ingrid provides breakout sessions, workshops, joins panels and is a keynote speaker who has been described by Google as a fantastic public speaker. She is also a serial entrepreneur who has owned everything from a vintage lifestyle shop in Islington to an online food marketplace. In her earlier career, Ingrid worked in Account Management serving major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

Her communications skills have led to voice-overs for radio ads aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was a life coach columnist for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. She has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show and joined panels on OH TV sky 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and UK Olympian Will Bayley. 



Testimonial (see more below)

Ingrid Marsh is a phenomenal and captivating speaker!

Ingrid gave our Closing Keynote and not only did she capture our audience, she also related to each and every one of them. This in itself is a characteristic of a phenomenal speaker. Ingrid carried the audience along on her journey AND actively made them a part of her delivery. She bravely shared her most personal struggles and showed vulnerability which truly inspired and connected with the audience. She was truthful, blunt and 100% transparent as she spoke to the audience of Career minded Women in Business. 

Jessica Ajayi, Event Organiser  - Get Supply Ready. 


Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach redefining charisma

Signature talks

Are you ready to unleash your inner badass?
    A talk that empowers participants to unleash their creativity, story, and power within. Participants will be equipped with tools to disconnect from negative messages, especially those steeped in stereotypes; shatter their inner glass ceiling, reach their full potential and unleash ridiculous levels of creativity.
    Unconscious biases and Artificial Intelligence
    A fun yet thought-provoking talk on raising awareness of the unconscious biases prevalent in AI. Her talk includes empowering ways of mitigating its impact and helps organisations to protect their reputation.
      By the end of my talk, participants will be equipped with tools to: 
      • Bring their authentic selves to work and unleash new levels of creativity 
      • Be ready to adopt the benefits of a growth rather than have a fixed mindset, and unlock their metal blockages
      • Be empowered to speak up and speak out
      • Bring their unique ideas, solutions, and perspectives to the fore
      • Replace the limiting beliefs that hold them back 
      • Acquire more power, presence, and personal impact 
      • Communicate their vision with confidence 
      Other signature talks:
      How to express yourself authentically
      Badass Body Language
      Power, presence and personal impact
      The power of storytelling
      How to be an authentic entrepreneur
      Work/Life Balance  





          Talk on being an authentic entrpreneur and unleashing your inner badass:

          “Ingrid Marsh is a fantastic public speaker!” 
          — Google Campus

          Talk on Unconscious Bias in Artificial IntellegenceI:

          "Always love listening to the wonderful Ingrid Marsh"
          — Robert McCargow, PWC, Artificial Intelligence Programme Leader and the 38th most influential person in the world in AI.  

          Talk on Unconscious Bias in AI at Tech for good:
          "Hello. Just wanted to say thank you for the talk on Monday. It has certainly got us thinking about the unconscious bias that might exist in the work we do. We spend a lot of time trying to avoid personal bias, that's important for great design but I've never really considered there might be a gender, race, social bias lurking within the design patterns we choose. it's helpful to be reminded where our blind spots might be. Thanks again.

          -- Elliot Engers - Co Founder and CEO Infinity Health



          By the end of my talk participants will be equipped with tools to: 

          • Bring their authentic selves to work and unleash new levels of creativity 
          • Be empowered to speak up, speak out
          • Bring their unique ideas, solutions and perspectives to the fore
          • Replace the limiting beliefs that hold them back 
          • Acquire more power, presence and personal impact 
          • Communicate their vision with confidence 

          Other signature talks:

          How to express yourself authentically

          Power, presence and personal impact

          The power of storytelling

          How to be an authentic entrepreneur

          Work/Life Balance 

          More Testimonials:

          “Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw.”
          — Lanre Atijosan - The Beauty Bank
          “Great opening presentation by Ingrid Marsh. Thought provoking indeed!”
          — FALAK S SALEEM
          “Great energy, great speaker, great inspiration with some wonderful tips too.”
          — Sara Stafford-Williams
          “I echo the too! great event last night. Loved the vibe and the positive energy in the room.”
          — Parwinder Dale
          “Wonderful event! Love what you are doing and stand for. ”
          — Natasha Hayles
          “If I wore a wig could I come to your courses too?”
          — Michael G