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Ingrid Marsh 1-2-1 female empowerment and communications coach

Eighty seven percent of your day is communication related. Challenges that women face in the workplace, when communicating, networking and in their personal lives vary from men dominating discussions, or where women often feel sidelined, or resigned to not speaking up at all. The overall impact of stereotype threat is widespread and can hinder communication skills, personal development and morale as well as make women believe their voices are not valued.

Our unconscious biases eventually become self-fulfilling prophesies that quietly erodes women's self-esteem, sabotages how they communicate and prevents them from reaching their full potential. Added to this, is a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset'. A ‘fixed mindset’ results in a judgmental culture that unconsciously forces women to assimilate, conform and ‘dim their light’ to fit in. 

Passionate about long lasting change from the inside out and conscious leadership, alongside communication skills, the programme entails a medley of mindfulness techniques, emotional intelligence and women empowerment coaching to increase the power of their presence, express themselves compellingly and influence meaningful change.


Forming strong, positive and authentic relationships as well as being able to motivate and inspire others is the foundation for achieving personal goals. Alongside the more well-known beliefs holding women back, however, they are also affected by stereotype threat, a hard-wired limiting belief that silently erodes their self-esteem, sabotages their performance and prevents them from reaching their full potential. We are always making an impact, it's either a positive or a negative one. The constant mind chatter that arises, as a result of these beliefs is the biggest obstacle to women having presence and or, being remembered in a compelling way. I am passionate about conscious leadership and believe that long lasting change comes from the inside out. Alongside communication techniques, therefore, through skills in mindfulness, growth mindset and emotional intelligence, I help women to increase the power of their presence, express themselves compellingly and influence meaningful change.

The Why:

We are living an in an increasingly unequal world where women are a minority in places of influence. We all need a mentor or coach to help us get unstuck and to propel us forward. This is especially true for women. Besides the more typical limiting beliefs that hold women back, as children, they were not conditioned with the courage required to step outside of our comfort zone, or to have a voice. The most concerning aspect, however, is that studies also illustrate that stereotypes become self-fulfilling prophecies that prevent women from expressing themselves in a memorable way. Every day women are subjected to constant negative messaging that silently erodes their self-esteem as well as, suppresses their creativity and individuality. Once again, this makes it challenging for women to 'just be themselves', the first prerequisite required for being a compelling leader or the face of their product or service. Added to this, is a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset'. A ‘fixed mindset’ results in a judgmental culture that unconsciously forces you to assimilate, conform and ‘dim your light’ to fit in. 

The solution

Over three years, I have developed a process to equip women with the mindset and skills to restore their confidence, find their voices and express themselves compellingly. 

The Programme

For years we believed that our ability is governed by genetics. Now scientific research, such as that from Dr. Carol Dweck, highlights that ability is not solely a result of genetics but is learned. 

The coaching programme has been developed and tested from working with children at a Saturday school and teaching communication and public speaking skills to leaders and executives. This has proved that learnable techniques and environment make the difference and not DNA. Attendees achieve better outcomes by mastering the skills I taught them through repetition and applying the feedback I gave. 

1) How I help women leaders in the workplace

The Women With Voices Unleash Your Inner Badass Programme provides coaching that removes the obstacles of perfectionism, fear, fitting in and stereotyping to:

  • Practice their communication skills to propel their team beyond their usual boundaries
  • Unleash their inner voice to access greater levels of creativity and increase their value
  • Apply voice techniques to communicate their ideas compellingly and influence change
  • Use tools in growth mindset to unlock mental barriers
  • Develop emotional intelligence to form deeper and more meaningful relationships

2) How I help female entrepreneurs

The Women With Voices Programme for entrepreneurs provides coaching that removes the obstacles of perfectionism, fear, fitting in and stereotyping to:

  • Use tools to become the person who is remembered and who everyone recommends.
  • Have the confidence to launch, pivot or take their business to the next level
  • Become the go-to person in their field
  • Apply communication skills to speak about their business in a compelling way 
  • Develop emotional intelligence to form strong relationships with their team and at networking events 

3) How I help women and mothers to get back into work

The Women With Voices Programme provides coaching that removes the obstacles of perfectionism, fear, fitting in and stereotyping to:

  • Learn interview techniques to be the one interviewees remember and recommend. 
  • Practice communication skills to speak to anyone or any number of people compellingly
  • Restore their confidence and self-esteem
  • Make the change a part of their identity
  • Apply growth mindset tools to propel beyond their usual boundaries
  • Use tools to override limiting beliefs and have presence  

     How it works

    Depending on your goals the programme will also cover:

    • Tools to Increase mental and physical resilience
    • Mindfulness techniques to calm the amygdala area of the brain that governs fear and calms mind chatter
    • An inclusive mindset and emotional intelligence to forge meaningful relationships
    • Advanced listening skills 
    • Authentic and compelling non-verbal communication skills, such as body language
    • How to remain confident and compelling in a room dominated by people of a different sex and or gender to yourself
    • How to be confident on camera
    • Tolls to develop the confidence to speak up and speak out at work
    • How to actually stay motivated and propel yourself forward
    • Discover your voice and unique contribution to the world
    • Tools to master the art of storytelling to impact and inspire others with your unique story and message 

    Who is it for?

    Those who:

    Want to stop playing small, dimming their light and actualise their full potential

    Want to make a positive impact in an area that matters to them and make their mark in the world 

    Want authentic presence and compelling communication skills to share their story in a way that inspires and positively impacts the world or their community

    Would confidently like to be the face of their business in an increasingly busy marketplace and influence meaningful change


      You will: 

      • Unleash new levels of creativity and propel beyond your usual boundaries
      • Become more present, engaged and productive
      • Have improved confidence and self-esteem 
      • Experience improved fulfillment in both your professional and personal life


      For organisations:

      Free taster session available. Please use the contact form below.

      FULL Programme: Four x 2-hour workshops £2400 (up to 24 people)

      One and ½ hour workshop £450 
      Half day workshop £800 (3 hours)
      Full day workshop £1200 (5 hours, maximum 24 people)

      Travel expenses charged at £50/hour pro rata  (half an hour minimum)

      For non-profit making organisations – please contact me to discuss further. 

      What sets me apart?

      The Women With Voices Programme equips you with tools to inspire others and impact the world. Described as life-changing, my inside-out approach will transform attendees in both their professional and personal life.

       If your employees are ready to shatter their inner glass ceiling and unleash their inner badass to become a people magnet and influence change, contact me below.


      "To Ingrid Marsh, for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women."

      Andrea Jiménez  - Academic

      "Loved working with you Ingrid! I am incredibly grateful to you for being so sensitive in helping me to share my story, which as you know, was a very difficult part of my life. I received a booking for a talk on the very first night I shared it too. Thank you again."

      - Helen Chapman / Empowerment Coach

      "Authentic, open and passionate. Focus on female empowerment. Constructive feedback. No pressure 'to perform.' Practical skills, tips and tools. It was great to know Ingrid gets fearful and has learnt ways to conquer it."

      - Danielle Silvo / Entrepreneur / Refil it Don't Kill it 

      "Dearest Ingrid, I thought the course was incredible. You are so amazing at what you do. You are so professional, knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you"

       - Emma Perry  Accountant

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