With its impact not just on equality, but also on our mental wellbeing and personal growth, If we learn to tackle unconscious bias we will help change the world
— Ingrid Marsh


“Ingrid Marsh is a fantastic public speaker!” 
— Google Campus

Talk on Unconscious Bias:
"Always love listening to the wonderful Ingrid Marsh"
— Robert McCargow, PWC, Artificial Intelligence Programme Leader and the 38th most influential person in the world in AI.  
"Hello. Just wanted to say thank you for the talk on Monday. It has certainly got us thinking about the unconscious bias that might exist in the work we do. We spend a lot of time trying to avoid personal bias, that's important for great design but I've never really considered there might be a gender, race, social bias lurking within the design patterns we choose. First thing I checked, the order in which we allow our users to select the gender of their patients in our product... You won't be surprised to learn that we implemented 'Male' before 'Female'. For no good reason at all. Surely our default sorting should have been alphabetical but there you go... We often have to consciously make tough decisions and compromises and we spent a while discussing the appropriate way to input gender, considering the importance of how individuals might want to be identified in a clinical context and a raft of standards and political issues but we never once thought to consider the order in which we display the choices for our users. It's not like we don't have a mix of genders on our team but none of us spotted it. Anyway, it's helpful to be reminded where our blind spots might be. Thanks again.
Elliot Engers - Co Founder and CEO Infinity Health


Through her work on the impact of gender equality and a situation which impacted the wellbeing of her son, which also, would have prevented him from reaching his full potential, Ingrid is personally driven to change the conversation on Diversity and Inclusion and extend the conversation on Wellness. Her methodology challenges the status quo on how we have aimed to increase employee engagement to date. She provides experiences instead of workshops and uses mindful ways and a holistic approach to improving yourself and the environment in which you work. 

A Personal Development Coach, Growth Mindset Trainer and a NLP Practitioner, she is also the founder of Women With Voices, The Reboot Retreat and a member of the IEEE Global AI Ethics Outreach Committee. 

Ingrid has been inspired by her work on raising awareness of the unconscious gender and racial bias in Artificial Intelligence, the tech we create as a result and its affect on our perceptions and wellbeing.  She is on a mission to create a culture in workplaces and schools worldwide where we can show up as our original authentic self in order to unleash our full human potential, improve our mental wellbeing and increase staff morale and productivity. 

Her mindfulness approach challenges the status quo and the way we increase productivity in the workplace to date. Ordinarily, unconscious bias and mental wellbeing have been tackled under two separate banners, Diversity and Inclusion, and Health. There is a direct correlation between our bodies and minds and the impact unconscious bias eventually has on the erosion of our self-esteem, which when internalised, impacts our mental wellbeing.  Ingrid provides a more holistic approach to creating a healthy workplace culture. In the first instance she achieves this through getting us to Pause. Through becoming more mindful participants are directed to be aware of and release the hidden biases that impact both themselves and others as well as train their minds for better mental wellbeing. They are also equipped with tools to grow, build resilience and express themselves fully.  Rather than following the conventional approach of dealing with unconscious bias that only creates further divisions Ingrid provides an experience rather than a workshop and brings about long lasting change from the inside out. 

Described by Google Campus as a fantastic public speaker Ingrid is a serial entrepreneur who has owned everything from a vintage lifestyle shop in Islington to a tech online food marketplace. In her earlier career Ingrid worked in Account Management serving major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Her communications skills have led to voice-overs for radio ads aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was a life coach columnist for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. She has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show and joined panels on OH TV sky 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and UK Olympian Will Bayley.

Signature talks:

  • Changing the conversation on diversity and inclusion and extending the conversation on wellness 

    With its impact on self-esteem and mental wellbeing, Unconscious Bias is not just an equality issue, it's a wellness issue too. A talk on using a holistic and mindful approach to tackle unconscious bias and mental wellbeing in the workplace in order to increase staff morale and productivity

  • Pause for change 

    Unconscious bias impacts 'everyone.' From our sex and race to even our height and accents. A talk on how to use a holistic and mindful approach to become aware of and release our unconscious biases to improve ourselves and the environments in which we work

  • Making the unconscious conscious 

    Raising awareness of the unconscious bias in AI and how to mitigate its impact on your personal growth and wellbeing

  • Mindful ways to close the gender gap

    A talk on how getting still can help to close the gender gap

  • How to be confident 

    mitigate the impact of unconscious bias, stereotyping and myths on your self-esteem and rock your authentic self


With the growth of mental health issues among young women and girls due to gender stereotypes, sexism, and anxiety about how they look, she is also campaigning for the UK government to raise awareness of the stereotypes being reinforced in the fastest growing area of technology, artificial intelligence and to provide advice on mitigating its impact. Please sign the petition


ingrid marsh women with voices


Ingrid at The Eleven

By the end of my talk participants will be equipped with tools to: 

Be themselves! 

Create a more inclusive, smarter and dynamic workforce

Be empowered to speak up, speak out

Bring their unique ideas, solutions and perspectives

Be equipped with tools to replace the limiting beliefs that hold them back 

Be equipped with tools to acquire more power, presence and personal impact 

Other signature talks:

How to express yourself authentically

Power, presence and personal impact

The power of storytelling

How to be an authentic entrepreneur

Work/Life Balance


More Testimonials:

“Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw.”
— Lanre Atijosan - The Beauty Bank
“Great opening presentation by Ingrid Marsh. Thought provoking indeed!”
“Great energy, great speaker, great inspiration with some wonderful tips too.”
— Sara Stafford-Williams
“I echo the too! great event last night. Loved the vibe and the positive energy in the room.”
— Parwinder Dale
“Wonderful event! Love what you are doing and stand for. ”
— Natasha Hayles
“If I wore a wig could I come to your courses too?”
— Michael G