Influential Leadership Workshop

Ingrid Marsh 1-2-1 female empowerment and communications coach

You cannot outdo your mind. You are ALWAYS making an impact, however, it's either a positive or negative one. If you are ready to learn how people like YOU impact the world through shattering their fears, having a distinct voice and developing kick-ass communication skills to develop and maintain strong relationships, read on!

The problem:

Forming strong, positive and authentic relationships as well as being able to motivate and inspire others is the foundational building block in anything you want to achieve. The problem is, however, is that studies illustrate that stereotyping not only unconsciously impacts our self-esteem, how we communicate and wellbeing but also become self-fulfilling prophecies. Added to this, is a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset'. ‘Fixed mindsets’ result in a judgmental culture that unconsciously impacts how you yourself communicate with others who are different to you, while also forces those who are being stereotyped against, to assimilate, conform and ‘dim their light’ to fit in. 

The solution

Over three years, Ingrid Marsh developed a process to equip you with the mindset and skills to restore confidence, find your voice and increase your influence. The Influential Leadership Programme provides you with a powerful set of skills, strategies, and principles to fundamentally shape your life and positively impact the world. It will guide you through the transformation necessary to express yourself in a more powerful way at work or through a business that you love to leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go.

About the workshop

The Influential Leadership Programme removes the obstacles of perfectionism, fear, fitting in and stereotyping to unleash your voice, increase your value and to communicate your vision compellingly to influence change. It is is a step-by-step approach to overcoming fear while equipping you with tools to innovative, unleash fresh strategies, inspire others to unleash their creativity, command a greater level of influence and to positively impact the world. We do this through tools in growth mindset to unlock mental barriers, and communication skills to inspire others. If you're ready to start making a truly memorable impact, contact us below.


  • Power, presence and personal impact
  • Spot and override the biases that impact your communication skills, self-esteem, and wellbeing
  • Access the creative part of your unconscious brain 
  • Inclusive Mindset
  • Advanced listening skills to override hardwired biases
  • Manage emotions in order to express your voice well in meetings
  • Be the person you want to be, even in a room dominated by men
  • Increase your confidence to speak up and speak out at work
  • Understand why empowerment phrases, just as 'Be Bold, Think, Big and Just Do it,' ultimately do not work and learn how to actually propel themselves forward
  • Discover your voice and unique contribution to the world
  • Compelling communication skills
  • Equipped with tools to reduce fear and a growth mindset to unleash new levels of creativity. To improve confidence, self-esteem and propel female entrepreneurs and employees beyond their usual boundaries

  • Equipped with exciting skills and techniques to define your story, otherwise known as your 'big why'. You will be coached on how to master the art of storytelling to impact and inspire others with your unique story and message.
  • Equipped with techniques used in broadcasting on how to communicate in a way that engages your audience, makes you memorable and inspires meaningful change.    

Who is it for?

Those who:

Want to stop playing small, dimming their light and realise their magic within

Want to make a positive impact in an area that matters to them and  to make their mark in the world 

Want authentic presence and compelling communication skills to share their story in a way that inspires and positively impacts the world or their community

Would confidently like to be the face of their business in an increasingly busy marketplace and influence meaningful change

Are tired of dimming their light at work and want to make an impact in their organisation

The investment

One day workshops: £995

What sets me apart?

The Influential leadership Programme equips you with the tools to inspire others and impact the world. Described as life-changing, our inside-out approach will transform you in both your professional and personal life.

Check out a testimonial of Andrea Jimenez.

If you are ready to positively impact the world, shatter your inner class ceiling and unleash your inner badass contact me below


"To Ingrid Marsh, for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women."

Andrea Jiménez  - Academic

"Loved working with you Ingrid! I am incredibly grateful to you for being so sensitive in helping me to share my story, which as you know, was a very difficult part of my life. I received a booking for a talk on the very first night I shared it too. Thank you again."

- Helen Chapman / Empowerment Coach

"Authentic, open and passionate. Focus on female empowerment. Constructive feedback. No pressure 'to perform.' Practical skills, tips and tools. It was great to know Ingrid gets fearful and has learnt ways to conquer it."

- Danielle Silvo / Entrepreneur / Refil it Don't Kill it 

"Dearest Ingrid, I thought the course was incredible. You are so amazing at what you do. You are so professional, knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you"

 - Emma Perry  Accountant

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