Become a person of influence

Become a person of influence

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Ready to positively impact the world with kick-ass communication skills to inspire and motivate others? Let's go!. 

Successful leaders have four key qualities, even in challenging timeframes: 

  • Compelling communications skills
  • Authenticity
  • Optimism 
  • They're Human 

How you communicate tells a lot about who you are. Within your first few seconds of speaking an opinion has been made about you, your lifestyle and your potential.

There are so many things happening on a subconscious level, however, it is imperative that you are free from limiting beliefs. We can not outdo our minds and so what you truly feel about yourself on the inside is what you'll be expressing on the outside. Our programme is specifically designed to address the challenges individuals face in expressing themselves compellingly.

Please note, this is NOT an acting course. 'Acting' feels inauthentic to the audience; it is never truly compelling and you will struggle when faced with real-life challenging situations.

In this workshop you will: 

  • Learn the tools of what makes a great communicator in meetings and when speaking to large groups of people. Techniques include vocal variety, gravitas and the power of the pause
  • Learn how to transform your pains into power
  • Develop compelling non-verbal communication skills. 
  • Learn how to confidently develop body language which is authentic to your authentic self, engaging and bold
  • Learn how to make an impact and leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go
  • Be equipped with tools to motivate and inspire in a compelling way
  • Develop a strong mindset to build resilience
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to deal with fear
  • Be equipped with tools to discover your voice, what you stand for and how   to positively impact the world


About Ingrid

Ingrid Marsh Women With Voices

Ingrid Marsh works with teams and individuals to help get their voices heard compellingly She also provides the tools necessary to develop a resilient mindset, override the silent impact of stereotyping on your confidence which becomes self-sabotaging and to develop power, presence, and personal impact. 

Dubbed as the Oprah for this generation with her inspiring talks of how not knowing her father drove her to succeed as a speaker, she has been described by Google Campus as a fantastic public speaker. She has over 10 years experience as a broadcaster, speaker and NLP practitioner specialising in confidence and communication. She is also a serial entrepreneur owning everything from a vintage lifestyle shop in prestigious Islington to an online street food marketplace. Before heading into broadcasting, she worked in the City for ICV in Account Management serving some of the major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to name but a few. Ingrid has compelling communications skills and has been the voice-over for radio adverts aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was also the resident life coach for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. Ingrid has been featured in the Guardian Newspaper, was the traffic presenter for Radio Jackie and has appeared as an expert on Nick Ferrari's LBC radio show as well as on panels on OH TV sky channel 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and Para-Olympian, Will Bayley.