The online 90-day habit programme for health and happiness

The online 90-day habit programme for health and happiness

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The next programme begins on 15th October 2018 at 7 pm (GMT). Sessions are recorded so that you don't miss out.

S*D IT - is a holistic approach to forming habits that make you both healthy and happy.  

Your 90-day programme includes:

  • Online sessions every five days with founder and coach Ingrid Marsh.
  • Access to an utterly private online forum with a community of awesome people on the same journey as you for daily support, motivation, and encouragement
  • Tools to make healthy a habit and to boost your wellbeing
  • Tools to build resilience to help overcome obstacles.
  • A journal to note your insights and development
  • Access to the online hub with tutorials to free yourself from fear, to unleash your inner speaker and express your voice compellingly
  • Access to motivational videos to unleash creativity and reach your full potential
  • Tools to overcome the impact of hidden gremlins, such as stereotype threat. An issue that silently erodes your self-esteem, makes you overeat and sabotages your performance when communicating at work. 

While being a whole load of freakin fun, the tools are developed using the latest neuroscience research into how happiness, intelligence, and healthy habits are formed. 


How does the 90-day programme boost physical activity and encourages a healthier lifestyle?

You will be empowered to boost your health through treating your body like your brain - a muscle that gets fitter and stronger through small daily shifts in your physical activity. Here we are using a step-by-step approach to replace the existing habits that no longer serve you with new healthier ones. Without the growth mindset training, most quit after just a few days. Our programme helps you to learn from your mistakes and develop super mental resilience. S*D IT - The programme helps you to form new habits, a new blueprint and a lifestyle change that effectively reprogrammes your mind for a happier you.

You speak about a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset a lot, what is that?

A fixed mindset is the belief that abilities are very much predetermined. Often people believe that their abilities (or other people's abilities) are down to their gender, race or religion, for example. A fixed mindset culture is also fertile ground for what is known as stereotype threat, which is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy., If you believe, for example, you are not good at Maths because you're a woman, you don't do the work necessary that will make you good at maths. Your belief, therefore, unconsciously sabotages your performance. It is where you also become reluctant to attempt anything new or struggle to achieve your best in situations where there are stereotypically negative expectations of you. It is the fear of not conforming to the stereotype of your social group and the anxieties evoked that makes you sabotage your efforts and underperform in areas you are more than capable. Fixed mindset cultures also stifle creative decision making.  As a result, it erodes self-esteem and increases anxiety

Contrastingly, a growth mindset is the belief that the brain is a muscle that grows and learns from its mistakes. Steeped in Neuroscience, including work by the prominent Dr. Carol Dwek, a growth mindset unlocks mental and physical boundaries and develops greater levels of creativity.


How does the process work?

The process is about creating more permanent life-changing habits. It's a step-by-step approach with just a one-degree shift every day. The programme is delivered as follows:
  1. Four one online group sessions every five days with your coach, Ingrid Marsh.
  2. In your journal write your prompted daily insights and note your progress
  3. Watch the online videos at a time that suits you 
  4. Access your private forum with people on the same journey as you for daily check-in's, encouragement and motivation. 

The programme comprises of three elements, Unplug, Discover, Unleash

The Unplug element: Uses a unique combination of tools and mindfulness techniques to calm the amygdala area of the brain associated with fear, disconnect from negative thought patterns and unplug from the noise of the outside world.

The Discover element:  Skills are taught in adopting a growth-mindset to learn from mistakes, unleash creativity, create a healthier lifestyle and develop in your professional life.

Unleash element: The Unleash element is where you are equipped with the tools to find and express your voice compellingly.

If you're simply gasping for health, happiness and fulfillment, take your first step today.