The Reboot Retreat Pop-Up

The Reboot Retreat Pop-Up

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Do you need to press the REBOOT button on your life? There is no need to go to Bali, just pop on a bike to leafy Crystal Palace. Join us for our Reboot Weekend Pop-Up. A day of Yoga, Meditation, Brunch and the transformational live storytelling session: Three Women, Three Powerful Stories. 

Our empowerment day will help you to overcome the stereotyping and negative beliefs holding you back and equip you with tools to ignite your full human potential. 

 Everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...even you

- Anne Lamott 

Sunday 29th October 2017, 11 am - 5.30 pm  - Crystal Palace  


Yoga by Candlelight (for all levels). 

Mira will teach a gentle hatha yoga class with elements of yoga nidra a state of semi-consciousness increasing awareness of the inner body through gentle movement, breathing and meditative cues.

reboot retreat pop up

Yoga by Candlelight (for all levels). Mira will teach a gentle hatha yoga class with elements of yoga nidra a state of semi-consciousness increasing awareness of the inner body through gentle movement, breathing and meditative cues.

The yoga team

Mira and Bassanti were taught yoga as children by their Indian father (also a yoga instructor) and have been practising and teaching for fun and pro bono for over 20 years. As a former Fulbright scholar, banker, film producer and screenwriter, Bassanti knows the different physical and mental challenges that academia and fast-paced and volatile industries can throw at people. Yoga has helped her immensely and she loves sharing this wonderful gift with others. Mira is also a mother of two, all of which means that she is experienced in coping with stress-inducing situations.

The yoga team at the Reboot Retreat

    Fusion British Caribbean vegetarian cuisine by Ingrid 

    Delights such as Curried Jerk Chickpeas with warm naan bread, cinnamon plantains, chili and lemon beetroot salad, asparagus, thyme and vine tomato salad.

    food by ingrid reboot retreat

    Three women, from three different walks of life, share with you live their powerful true-life stories.

    Storytelling is an art form which not only heals but has the magical gift of transporting us into new worlds. In an intimate setting situated in a concealed area in Crystal Palace, you will settle back and be transformed by the true-life stories of three exceptional women. This will be followed by an empowerment talk on the theme of the night by renowned speaker, and inspirational guru, Ingrid Marsh.

    Theme: Unbroken 

    Karen Miknas

    Karen Miknas is a high profile property investor. For many years, in fact, most of her adult life she had almost zero self-worth. This was down to her being in two abusive relationships spanning 20 years. The most damaging was the emotionally abusive one which had a long-lasting effect on her view of herself. You will be transfixed on to every word as Karen shares with you the demons her abusive partners left on her trail and her battle to find self-worth.

    Karen Miknas

     Helen Chapman 

    Helen Chapman is a female empowerment coach. Her moving story will make you both laugh out loud and cry as she shares with you the journey of her childhood. Her seemingly perfect family on the outside shielded a truth she has only recently found the courage to share.

    Helen Chapman female empowerment coach

    Ingrid Marsh

    Ingrid Marsh is a Holistic Personal Development Coach, the founder of Women With Voices and the Reboot Retreat. Ingrid will share her story of how her father not wanting to know her took her on a road of self-destruction for wanting him to pay for her pain. Discover how her quest to have the perfect family herself to compensate for what was missing in her childhood, brought her to her knees and a pit of darkness.

    Ingrid Marsh Holistic Personal Development Coach

    A day of entertainment and enlightenment. Create space for change.

    Limited availability. Book now to avoid disappointment. 

    How are we different

    • It rigorously addresses the pressure to cover up who you authentically are while challenging anxieties about fitting in
    • It gives you the tools you need to express yourself authentically and to remove limiting beliefs about your gender, race and current life situation
    • Opens up opportunities to promotion through increased self-confidence and helps you to develop a growth mindset to build resilience and reach your full potential