The Unleash Your Inner Badass Wellness Box

The Unleash Your Inner Badass Wellness Box

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The Badass wellness ritual that will change your life!

The reason most people struugle to find happiness and to be badass is that they don’t do the things they need to do in order to experience mental wellness. They are always too busy. Today is a new day. Get busy doing the things that will make you Badass.

Each month be equipped with tools to unplug from the negative shit in your head and live a happier, creative, more badass life.

  • We handpick all the tools you need to support your new badass lifestyle
  • Includes fear busting tutorials to watch at a time that suits you
  • Includes tools to boost your creativity through writing poetry or prose, which is also incredibly cathartic 
  • Provides access to an awesome community to create, learn and share

Are you tired of your constant negative thoughts, being fearful or not expressing yourself fully? We use a sustainable 'whole person' approach for you to reignite your energy,  be utterly fulfilled and the badass gal you were born to be. 




The kick-back items help you to meditate and unplug from the shit in your head that tells you that you're not enough.  



Tools to inspire your writing of poetry and prose from industry experts and more, plus tutorials to hurl the heavy coat of perfection off your shoulders.


Live a free, liberated and more badass life.

Each box contains:

  • At least 3-5 handpicked items. Products include goodies such as journals, decision making guides, inspirational books, natural smellies, personal care items, organic treats, tea, music, candles, DVD's and more. 
    • Access to coaching tutorials with videos and resources curated by NLP Practitioner, Broadcaster and Personal Development Coach, The Badass Gal

    • Access to a private facebook community.

    • Discounts to workshops and events

    The Unleash Your Inner Badass Boxes are designed to:

    • Provide all the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the cost.
    • Find and express your voice, and bring your unique perspective to everything you do
    • Challenge anxiety about fitting in and express yourself with confidence
    • Replace hard-wired limiting beliefs around your current situation
    • Provide compelling communication skills so that your work is heard in a memorable way
    • Develop a growth mindset to reach your full potential
    • Define who you are and what you stand for


    Are you ready to unleash your inner badass? Great, buy now.