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Every month you'll receive the Reboot Toolkit to feel utterly fulfilled in business, work and play! It comprises of a monthly challenge, tangible tools to make the unconscious conscious and to unapologetically bring to the table your authentic voice.

Ingrid is an advocate of Diversity of Thought. Inspired by her son's school where the children are engaged, able to be their authentic self and incredibly successful. It became her life mission to create diverse and creative teams in organisations too, where both women and men unapologetically bring to the table their most valued possession - their voice. 

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Every month receive 3-5 full sized items to make the unconscious, conscious, unplug from the messages that tell you you're not enough and the damaging incomplete messages they tell you about others. 

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Discover the authentic awesome you with the help of a monthly challenge, new skills, empowering authors and online tutorials that follow the theme. 

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Hurl the heavy coat of perfection off your shoulders, unapologetically bring to the table your authentic voice and feel utterly fuflfiled in business, work and play.

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The new diversity and inclusion is diversity of thought. Learn skills to reboot and rock your authentic voice.


To Ingrid Marsh, for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women.

Andrea Jiménez - Student

Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw. 

Lanre Atijosan - Entrepreneur

Ingrid shared so many hidden gems about how to think and how we are perceived and had so much insight into studies conducted, she’s a certain subject matter expert. I commented to Ingrid afterwards that I wanted to have her style, that confidence just like her and she quickly and firmly reminded me that I should be like me! We all need someone whose on our side to remind us to be ourselves! I absorbed every word and learned a lot in one session.

Lisa Nichols - Entrepreneur

Dearest Ingrid, I thought the course was incredible.
You are so amazing at what you do. You are so professional, knowledgeable and engaging - I ate up every gem you gave us today. 

Emma Perry - Accountant

Really Good Session, What a Legend.

Sam Carrick - Creative, Born Social

Ingrid embodies the rarely seen professionalism and subject matter expertise. Complete openness and an infectious energy. She had our team totally hooked from the first second and everyone came away buzzing. Truly empowering and I would recommend to anyone. 

Georgie Hazel - The Eleven Start Up

Always love listening to the wonderful Ingrid Marsh from Women With Voices.

Rob McCargow - PWC

Are you maximising your employee's authentic voices to create diverse and creative teams, retain staff and increase engagement?

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For years I was tormented by the idea that I was incomplete because I didn't have a father. I neither felt nor looked like the shiny families in the glossy magazines depicting the oh so perfect lives. READ MORE

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you could be.

Maya Angelou

Awesome journaling kits to help find your voice.


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