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My Badass Box

The inner beauty box that delivers tools to rock your authentic voice directly to your door.


Bye, Bye Perfect. Helllooo interesting.

It's official, diverse teams where no one looks or thinks the same are smarter. Get tools to rock the authentic you in business, work and play.

We are a community of women discovering tools to unapologetically bring to the table our most valued possession - our voice.

How it works


Receive 5- 7 handpicked items

Each box will contain full sized tools to UNPLUG from negative messages, DISCOVER your authentic voice and UNLEASH your full potential. You can cancel your subscription at any time too.



Online HUB Instant Access

Gain instant access to our online hub anywhere you go. Packed with free video tutorials and quick actionable steps to achieve your goals, to manage fear, write your own story, expressing your voice, plus more.



Make an impact

Increase your creativity, confidence, be more engaged and leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go.



Your authentic voice


My Story

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If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you could be.

Maya Angelou