Ingrid Marsh Charisma coachIngrid Marsh, aka, The Badass Gal, is the woman who at age 50 and over 30 consecutive days, ran for an hour in the rain and killer snow the media dubbed the beast from the east, to transform herself from a couch potato to a runner in the park and vlogged it. She did so rocking her signature big black cornrows, looped gold earrings and shocking pink lipstick. Now the running community do not 'look' like she does. The transformation was not only to get fit, therefore, but to demonstrate that outward characteristics do not determine ability, but rather, the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other. 
Ingrid Marsh is a Motivational Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Confidence Coach, Broadcaster and Growth Mindset Guru. She is revolutionising the way we tackle confidence and wellbeing for women. Her programme, Unleash Your Inner Badass, also addresses our unconscious biases and its silent impact on self-esteem, how you communicate and reaching your full potential. 

As the world moves faster and faster, it has become increasingly difficult for people to manage their emotions to be their best selves and to reach their goals. As society attempts to coerce women into insecurity and portrays only one type of stereotypical woman in the media, research shows through this constant negative messaging women are affected by stereotype threat, a hard-wired limiting belief that erodes their self esteem, prevents them from reaching their full potential and being their authentic selves for fear of not fitting in. Alongside our fixed mindsets, we are living in a judgmental culture  that forces those who are being stereotyped to dim their light to fit in.  

In addition to the above, for years we believed that our ability is governed by genetics. Now scientific research, such as that from Dr. Carol Dweck, highlights that ability is not solely a result of genetics but is learned.  To prove this theory further, I transformed from a couch potato to a runner in the park at age 50, over 30-days in the rain and killer snow

My programmes and tools help to boost their self-confidence and wellbeing as well as become more compelling communicators. The tools empower them to ditch hard-wired limiting beliefs about their ability (especially those steeped in stereotypes), to develop healthy habits to power through the many hurdles they face and through developing a growth mindset, excel beyond their usual boundaries. It results in increased motivation, mental wellbeing and productivity both at work and in their personal life.

If you or your team are tired of making themselves small, being a slave to the noise in their minds and ready to unleash their inner badass, contact me.