The Workplace Reboot

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The Workplace Reboot -  The holistic approach to enhancing workplace productivity

We curate Corporate Away Days or Two-day Immersive Corporate Retreats that boost wellbeing, guide employees to reach their full human potential and, through becoming more mindful, minimise unconscious bias in the workplace. These sessions also help to reduce the risk of biases transferring into employees work to protect your organisation's reputation. Attendees emerge with a renewed energy, enthusiasm and excitement for work.

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The Reboot Retreat Communal area

The Reboot Retreat Communal Area

Studies illustrate that conventional unconscious bias training doesn't work, 62% of employees attribute mental health issues to the workplace, 60% of us are covering up who we are while at work and despite the millions spent on the diversity and inclusion revolution, change has remained elusive. The workplace it seems, in line with recent engagement figures, is not always a happy place to be.

 It's time to press the REBOOT button!

The Reboot Retreat's three-step process Unplug, Discover, Unleash is a holistic and mindful approach to improve yourself and the environment in which you work. Based on research that supports the benefits of mindful meditation to boost wellbeing and minimising unconscious bias, participants will learn tools to rediscover their voices, develop a growth mindset and bring their unique perspectives to work. It's our innovative approach that helps organisations to retain employees, creates a happier workforce and increases engagement through bringing about long-term change holistically. 

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Bedrooms at the Reboot Corporate Retreats

Bedrooms at the Corporate Reboot Retreat 

What sets us apart? 

  • The most known benefit to getting still is the boost to our wellbeing but also, as noted in the Harvard Business Review and steeped in science, it makes us more creative. Pausing allows us to make more conscious decisions, replace limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and others, as well as, being the route to minimising our unconscious biases. Research suggests our unconscious biases, which can be revealed by using the IAT (Implicit Association Test), reduces after mindful meditation

  • Discussions around shared activities continue when employees return to work. As opposed to workshops, retreats forge bonds and more authentic relationships between employees which creates an attachment to your organisation and reduces staff turnover

  • It's an attractive way to attract employees in high demand while helping to quickly integrate new staff members.

  • With remote working on the increase, it's an exciting way to bring employees together under one roof

  • Tackles unconscious bias in a way which benefits everybody and so eliminates the 'them and us' situation conventional bias training unintentionally evokes. It changes the dreaded unconscious bias training from being a tick box affair to a pleasurable experience. It minimises the risk of employees transferring biases into their work which helps to protect your organisation's reputation. Plus, with its focus on individuality, it helps to create a more inclusive workforce

  • A process that improves emotional intelligence and so creates better understanding and empathy among team members

  • Eliminates groupthink and brings about more creative ideas and solutions

  • A unique combination of wellbeing and personal development that improves the person as a whole, increases motivation, job satisfaction and relationships by helping participants to bring their whole self to work

  • It gives participants the communication tools to express themselves authentically and to replace limiting beliefs about their gender, race and current life situation

  • Helps participants to develop a growth mindset to build resilience and reach their full potential 

What we provide

Meditative Experiences

You will have a selection of meditative experiences to choose from with qualified practitioners such as mindfulness meditation, yoga by candlelight, journaling, urban sketching, breathing classes, urban pottery and more.

The Yoga Sisters

The Yoga Sisters

Group meditation and yoga room

Core Programme

This is alongside our core programme that helps to develop emotional intelligence, build resilience through growth mindset training and workshops to express yourself authentically. 

Talks on Growth Mindset and communication skills

Personal Development Coaching

Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach

Food and Drinks 

Nowhere is the interdependence of our physical, mental, emotional and environmental health better demonstrated than in our food. We aim to nourish on all of these levels, to the highest standards, from the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the family-style kitchen at the heart of the retreat. Everything is hand made from organic whole ingredients, mostly sourced within 20 miles of the centre from small scale, artisan growers and producers. We always use cold-pressed oils (or unrefined high smoke-point oils for cooking), Unrefined sea salt only and a 100% sugar free kitchen

The reboot workplace luunch


An experience away from the office and away from distractions where employees will emerge feeling more energised, creative and engaged.

Luxury Dorm

Group dining area the reboot retreat


The Reboot Toolkit

Each member is provided with the Reboot Toolkit with tangible products to support the activities and to help guide them towards relaising the full human potential


Corporate retreats reboot toolkit


The Reboot Process:


As the world moves faster and faster there is more and more noise vying for your attention. The noise is bringing our stress levels to an all-time high as well as making it increasingly difficult to spot and override the biases that impact the self-esteem and lives of both ourselves and others. The unplug sessions provide you and your employee's with tools to enhance mental wellbeing and manage emotions in difficult situations. This is alongside tools to make more conscious decisions, replace limiting beliefs, to boost self-esteem and to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with peers.


The Discover section is part of our core programme and will equip employees with skills to build resilience and reach their full potential with training in growth mindset and more.


Power back up and unleash their awesomeness! Part of the core programme, in this section, employees are equipped with tools to hurl the heavy coat of perfection off their shoulders, stop anxieties about fitting in and are equipped with tools to articulate their unique ideas compellingly.


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*Study suggests mindfulness minimises unconscious bias